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 VW 020 Trans Info Pages

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 Splitting  Shafts Out   Strip Shafts   Strip Case


  5th Gear  Input Shaft   5th Housing   Diff Preload   Output Preload   Case   Output Shaft   Closing

Shift Fork Assembly

Stuck in 3rd gear?

What Happens When You Shift Gears

Syncro 4WD 020 Rebuild

Installing a Diff Bolt Kit 

Rivet Removal   Bolt Installation

5th Gear Swap

Getting to 5th     Removing the Gears

 Oil Change

5th Damage


Pressure Plate Trick

DIY 27mm Tool

DIY Case Splitter Tool(new page!)

Mounts - MK1 vs. MK2/MK3

Diff - Stock vs. 40% vs. 80%

Reverse Switch Wiring

Release Arm Check

TO Bearing R&R

Flange R&R

Flange Types Explained

Pushrod Seal/Bushing and Input Seal R&R

Selector and Detent bolt info

Option6 Inspection Pics

Flaring a VW brake line (old page)

02A bearing preload procedure (text link to Vortex)


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Tribute to my best friend, Jake Butterfield (06/28/1973 to 09/19/2013)


YouTube video of Andrew presiding over his brother's wedding.

It is with, yet again, a heavy heart that I update my main page to reflect the loss of another dear friend, Andrew Bruyako. Andrew was my 'crazy Russian plumber brother' who, I am proud to say, was my good friend for over a decade. My prayers and thoughts are with you and your loved ones. I miss you and love you, Andrew.
Andrew passed after being involved in a motorcycle accident on August 7th, 2016 in Dublin, Ohio. RIP.

Hello to all the international folks I will never get to meet!   I see my site pop up in a lot of different forums and sites from all around the world, and I like it that the site and pics reach people I would never normally have a chance to help.   Here are some recent links (this isn't a complete listing at all!) from Google where a link to my site can be found...cool!! Oh, this doesn't count the people who contact me via email from Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Singapore and so on....

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You will be missed 'Spooky' Boo : Spring '96 - 07/23/08

Dec 7 '18, and it feels like July 24 '08... I still miss you buddy, even after 10 years.