Unfortunately I have to remain closed for at least another year... I'm hoping in 2021 to be able to start up again.

I am sure many of you noticed I have not been answering emails, and this is due to a couple reasons... first, I lost access to 46K emails and any way to get to them until just recently. It was a problem of Yahoo saying they no longer serviced my email and to contact ATT, and then ATT saying they no longer serviced my email and to contact Yahoo. What a cluster F that was :)

I managed to get the email issue sorted by using a new email client and essentially figuring out the SMTP and POP info myself, finally being able to get to the 10's of 1000's of my emails over the years.

The other reason I have not been able to stay on top of my emails is due to the 2nd reason, which is my caring for a family member in another State, which has taken 99.9% of my time, leaving me no ability to stay on top of the trans work, sell parts, or answer the emails which I just recently re-gained access to.

Ultimately, I have to choose family and friends over the trans work, and this is what I have done. I will be caring for a member of my extended family for the forseeable future, which is at least a year longer. I will not have the time nor energy to stay on top of the emails, take on new rebuild work, or sell parts, unfortunately. I hope everyone can be understanding during this time, and I plan on getting back to work at some point, but for now I have to remain essentially closed up. I will keep the BrokeVW site up and running for info purposes, and look forward to helping everyone in the future with their 020 problems and questions!

Thanks very much! -- Brian