Unfortunately I have managed to LOSE all of my data regarding the rebuild waiting list. What a kick in the nutz!

If you were on the waiting list, please contact me so I can start compiling it once more.

I apologize for any inconvience this will cause, and I will try my best to get everyone back on the list that was on there, and in the same order.

You can email me at brokegti@sbcglobal.net and let me know roughly when you were added, what trans code you have, what was wrong with the trans that required it to be worked on, etc.

Between the passing of my best friend, moving homes and moving the shop, crashing my Yamaha Banshee ATV, and everything else that's happened in the last few years, I honestly have dropped the ball and lost all of the data I had saved regarding the waiting list... so it's basically starting over for me and, wow, what a complete and utter PITA this will be I'm sure, for me and everyone else...... once again, I apologize for my stupid mistake here.